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Concealed Carry Basics

In many states, carrying a concealed weapon is well within the law. However, not anyone can do it. It is necessary to first acquire a permit, and doing so means taking a class to understand how to use the weapon and what the law does and does not permit. But once you have the permit, there are still some things you should keep in mind to make sure that you stay safe and out of trouble, and also so that those around you stay safe. Here are some concealed carry basics that every gun carrier should always remember:

Always carry

The point of having a concealed carry permit is to be able to defend yourself in moments of danger. These moments, by their very nature, are unpredictable, so it doesn’t make much sense to just carry the weapon sometimes, as this increases the chances you will be without it when you really need it. If you have your permit on you and are well-versed in gun safety, there is no reason you should ever leave your gun at home.

Be prepared to use it

This doesn’t mean you should walk into every situation in life ready to pull out your gun. Instead, it means that when you do take it out, for self-defense or that of others, be ready to use it. There is nothing more dangerous than someone wielding a gun who is not prepared to shoot. It can easily be taken from him, compounding the danger of the situation and putting you and others at even more risk.

Listen to authorities if needed

If you end up pulling out your weapon in an effort to curtail criminal activity, make sure you cease to do so as soon as police officers arrive to the scene. Identify yourself as a licensed carrier, but do not resist even in the slightest. You have committed no crimes, but police are trained to suspect the worst in these situations, so it is best to not give them any additional reasons to consider you a threat. Should you have to deal with authorities further, make sure to do so with a lawyer present who is familiar with the laws of defense and concealed carry.

Don’t shoot to defend property

Only the police are allowed to do this, and only when they need to do so to protect themselves.  If you use deadly force in this situation, you could find yourself in heap of trouble quickly.

Use Common Sense

When carrying a firearm, don’t do anything to draw attention to yourself. Keep your weapon concealed at all times, unless you need it, keep the safety on, carry your permit, and know your rights. Being able to carry a weapon with you is a great responsibility, treat it


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