The world is changing constantly, and there has never been a greater need to be prepared for what is to come.

While few of us will be retiring to bunkers and fallout shelters, is is a good idea to begin stocking up on gear and learning skills that will help us survive in the wild. And, as an added bonus, these skills can be honed while engaging in rewarding recreational activities, such as hiking, camping, hunting and fishing.

At Cicero Magazine, we are both concerned citizens and avid outdoors lovers. We grew up hiking on the weekends, camping in the summers and taking off school for the first day of deer season.

After a while, it became clear that we could share our experiences to help people not only join in the joy of living in the outdoors, but also to arm themselves with the equipment and skills they would need in the event the worst happens.

Here you will find some thoughtful discussions about the state of the world around us, guides to help you learn new skills or prepare for your next adventure, and reviews of available gear so that you can be sure you are getting the best equipment money can buy.

We take this stuff seriously, because it’s serious stuff.

Get ready for the world.