How to Disarm an Intruder with a Gun

Being able to protect yourself is a skill we should all learn. However, it isn’t always as simple as knowing some hand maneuvers or martial arts, as the fight isn’t always going to be a fair one. You may find yourself in a situation where your attacker has a gun and you do not, and if this happens, it is essential you are prepared; otherwise, you may not make it out alive.

However, before going over how to do this, it should be noted that if your attacker has a gun and you do not, fighting back greatly increases your chances of being injured or killed. The ideal response is to try and work with the person, perhaps giving in to some of the demands, and to get out of there as fast as possible. This isn’t always possible, though, and if this is the case, here’s what you can do:

Take the Gun Away

The best way to disarm someone is to simply grab the gun from their hands. But this move is far from simple. It takes some quick thinking, and you need to be certain you are stronger than your attacker. If you aren’t, do not try this, but if you think you have an advantage, here’s what you do:

  1. Move slightly to the left. You want to remove yourself from the line of fire just enough so that any shots fired will miss you, but you can’t move too far, as this will give the attacker time to react.
  2. Grab the barrel of the gun, making sure you do not cover the muzzle with your hand.
  3. Twist the gun. Yank the gun towards the ground as hard as you can. If you do this right, it should break the attacker’s fingers, or at least tie them up enough where he or she cannot use them.
  4. Hit the wrist and take the gun. As you are doing this, use your other hand to hit the attacker’s wrist. Doing this while you twist the gun should free it from the assailant’s hand, leaving it in your possession.

If you are successful, remember the attacker could do the same thing to you. Either use the firearm to immobilize the attacker, or get out of there as quickly as possible. Do not linger, as this will only increase the danger.

Push the Gun Away

If you do not feel comfortable performing this maneuver, or you don’t think you will be able to, another method to help avert danger is to push the gun away. This is done by going for the shooter’s wrist underneath the gun and forcing it upwards. Once you do this, you can begin to push the person away from you, throwing off their balance and potentially bringing them to the ground. Proper execution of this move will help you buy enough time to get out of the area with a few seconds head start, which could be the difference between getting out safely or not getting out at all.

Again, these moves can be very dangerous if not done correctly, so it might be a good idea to spend some time practicing.

Have you ever had to disarm someone with a gun? Do you have any recommendations for someone trying to protect themselves?


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